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My naked wife was lying next to me… panting with raw excitement… As I started kissing her beautiful breasts, her hand reached towards my groin. Her eager hand cupped my balls, lightly squeezing as she moved up my shaft… but my penis refused to respond…It stayed soft and shriveled up.

Yet again, my penis FAILED me in the worst possible way, just when I needed it most… Again? My beautiful wife asked with a confused look on her face I’m just tired… I mumbled my piss-poor excuse… wishing the earth would just swallow me whole. She looked at me with pity, and gave me a kind of half-smile… the kind of smile people give you when they try to keep it positive… your friends and family will sense your new energy and start to admire you. Your newly found confidence will show off in your work… leading to greater success at work or in your business…

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But deep down they feel sorry for you.

Then she walked out, leaving me alone and feeling like a failure of a man. I wanted to pleasure her so badly and yet… each and every time we tried to have sex the past few weeks had been a complete disaster.

I wasn’t able to give my wife what she wanted… what she deserved… and it made me felt like a complete loser.

Other times she’d usually help me out if I was losing my erection, but this time she didn’t even bother… and who can blame her? She knew it was hopeless. Shame and humiliation destroyed my confidence, but even worse… It tore my family and my entire life apart…

Our marriage had always been filled with plenty of good, spontaneous sex.

Sure, we had our normal ups and downs…
but I never had any problems getting it up.
But the last couple of months, I noticed that I couldn’t become as rock-hard as before…
my erections felt softer and even a bit smaller than before…
Until one night, my penis refused to get hard at all… .
Little did I know that was only the first of a whole string of disappointments about to follow.

My inability to get it up was also the reason my stunning wife ended up in the arms of another man… and us splitting up after 16 years of marriage.

You’re probably wondering why I would even share this deeply personal and painful story with you…

Well, it’s because I found out that…


Of what men are told about difficulties with their erections are despicable lies…

My own struggles forced me on a journey that ultimately caused me to discover the shocking truth

About men and their erections.

But before we go any further, you have to know that your failure to perform…


And you are definitely NOT ALONE.
You see, studies have shown that 72% of men over the age of 40, suffer from
erectile problems
in some form or another…
and 35% UNDER the age of 40 do too.[1]
If your erections are softer, smaller or less sensitive…
If you ejaculate prematurely…
If you ever feel like there’s a “disconnect” between your brain and your penis…
like, your mind is willing, but your “soldier” won’t stand up and cooperate…
it could be due to factors that can easily be addressed.
And if you stay with me for the next few minutes, you’ll know the real reason why.
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The woman in your life looking at you doe-eyed and in worship… because she’s now addicted to your raging hardness… and your ability to make her cum several times a night.

This 20-second formula I’m about to share with you is already transforming many men’s lives out there.

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  • Felt the shame and disappointment of being unable to get hard when you need to
  • Felt embarrassed and less of a man because of your inability to perform
  • Don’t get as hard as you used to
  • Felt anxious and scared that you’ll never get hard again…
  • Or felt envious of younger guys who can get hard on command…

…Then listen to every word I say from now on like your life depends on it…

My name is Mark Riley, I’m 49 years old and I’m originally from Bisbee, Arizona These days though, I live in downtown New York.

Most people I meet assume I’m in my late 30’s…
I’ve got the energy of a man in his thirties.
And I fuck with the enthusiasm of a much younger man…

that makes women gasp by complete surprise as I make them cum over and over again. And it is all because…
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I’ve heard people call me fortunate, blessed, and even lucky…
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Up until a year ago, I was as ordinary as they come.
After my divorce I was a complete mess.

My failing penis shattered my confidence…

I had zero charisma, I had zero luck with the ladies I tried to date, I had zero going for me in my life, And I was sick of it.

It was no way to live, and I just knew there had to be more. There had to be a way to ignite my failing manhood and enjoy rock-hard erections again. There had to be a way to re-awaken my masculinity and be the kind of man I knew I could be.

And while it took months of searching, I am proud to say I now know the secret. There is hope for all of the men across the country who struggle as I once did. No matter how old you are. All you need to do is stick around for the next few minutes… and I’ll share the secret I discovered in my search for a real transformation. Does that sound fair? I hope so… because I’ve put my heart and soul into this search… And I don’t want you to just take me at my word on all this. What I uncovered… is a secret that has helped countless men unlock their full potential, Doctors will tell you “they don’t know what to do.” One even told me it was natural as I got older, and I’d just need to learn to accept it.[2] But that’s not quite the whole truth.

There is an option if you want to turn the tables on what’s happening to you.

Using an alternative product not usually broadcast to the men like you and me… Want to know why Because it’s not profitable. Not for all the big pharmaceutical companies at least. Think about it. Why would big pharma want to provide something less expensive than one of their biggest money-makers? Care to guess how much big pharma makes selling their synthetic products? at one point, it was over 2 billion in revenue…[3] And that’s per year. You probably already know that drugs can have terrible side-effects. From headaches to hot flashes…. While increasing your risk of heart attack… And potentially even robbing you of your ability to “get it up” naturally…[4] And it is not as if drugs are different in that they offer a solution… Despite their cost, they cannot permanently “fix” the problem… And the real reason you never hear a practical solution from big pharma…

And potentially even robbing you of your ability to “get it up” naturally…[4] And it is not as if drugs are different in that they offer a solution… Despite their cost, they cannot permanently “fix” the problem… And the real reason you never hear a practical solution from big pharma… is because they don’t offer one.

Yet some men seem to think that they do… desperately buying their expensive chemical compounds. These companies keep on stuffing their pockets from the suffering of poor guys like you and me.

But here’s the thing…

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It would skyrocket, am I right? How about your ability to satisfy a woman in the bedroom? I was surprised when I discovered that almost 75% of women say they’ve never achieved an orgasm during intercourse.[5] That’s means that three out of every four women… have partners that are unable to satisfy their deepest physiological needs during sex. Isn’t that insane? Imagine how crazy you would go if your partner couldn’t get you off. It would be deeply frustrating, don’t you agree. This same frustration is felt by three out of every four women. These women want a ferocious lover who can satisfy their deepest sexual urges. Pushing them to a level of pleasure they’ve never felt in their entire life. When I started using this incredible formula myself… I started to see changes in myself that were downright incredible. Spiking testosterone levels had me feeling like a horny teenager. It was like a bolt of lightning in my pants, waiting to be unleashed. Ready and eager to fuck! I still remember Bonnie, an exotic dancer I met shortly after moving into my new apartment.

She kept on telling me that I was the most ‘Beast-Like’ lover she ever had… as I made her cum again and again. Then there was Susan. You might think accountants would be BORING in bed… but she SCREAMED in delight every time we fucked… and once came so HARD that she nearly passed out… To be honest, I’m still shocked at my performance, and I could tell these women loved every minute of it. Now, I know what you’re thinking… How the heck does a middle-aged guy suddenly become such a hit with the ladies? How is it even possible that I could fuck for hours straight… leaving them begging for more?

I’m not going to lie… It felt incredible being able to satisfy a string of women younger than me. After my divorce, I was a physical and emotional wreck. I was sabotaging each date before it even got to sex… My confidence was out the window… But in the back of my head, I knew there had to be a solution. So, I started doing in-depth research… I learned that erectile difficulties were the result… of your body being less able to increase blood circulation to the vessels surrounding your penis… which hinders it from filling it with blood and giving you an erection.

Synthetic chemicals can force this process to happen artificially… but almost 1000 men die every year from heart attacks due to these drugs. [6] And according to published research… every time you put those artificial compounds into your system… it can make it even harder to ever get another natural erection again. Intent on finding a way to resurrect my failing penis once and for all… I started spending thousands of dollars on things that sadly never did. Pills promising the world, but tasted more like sugar than anything else. Penis pumps that left me bruised… and with hard-ons that faded after only a few minutes. Chinese herbal drinks that were genuinely awful, and only ever gave me diarrhea. If there was even the slightest chance I thought it could help, I bought it, and I tried it. Until it seemed, there was only one option left, Surgery.

My doctor could introduce me to a surgeon and for a price of just over $10,000… he would perform a vascular reconstruction. Slicing my penis open and connecting the main vein to one of the veins from my stomach. But as I prepared to go under the knife, I spoke to a handful of guys who had done it. And they all regretted the choice.

  • One lost his ability to get hard.
  • One lost 90% of all sensation down there.
  • One even had a massive deformity, where his penis healed at the wrong angle.

Furious as I knew there was no way I could take that kind of risk, But thankfully, this turning point led me directly to the hard erection secret I’d accidentally discover a few days later… And it came from a most unusual source… As I got home from work one evening, I couldn’t help but notice a guy from the 10th floor. He was in pretty good shape and just a few years younger than I was. Yet he was wrapped in the arms of a girl who must have been about 25. And she was stunning. As he pried himself from her grip, he slapped her butt as she walked out,

As I got home from work one evening, I couldn’t help but notice a guy from the 10th floor. He was in pretty good shape and just a few years younger than I was. Yet he was wrapped in the arms of a girl who must have been about 25. And she was stunning. As he pried himself from her grip, he slapped her butt as she walked out, He caught me staring at her ass, and gave me a wink as we both got in the lift.

Before I could say anything, he spoke with a calm and collected voice. “She’s cute, isn’t she?” “Yeah”, I blurted out… “How the hell do you land a girl like that? With a chuckle, he introduced himself as Roberto… And invited me over for a coffee. We chatted about everything, from life, to work, to women… And it was a little later that same evening he told me. “There’s no big secret to being a real man.” “You just need the right fuel.” “To re-awaken the man of steel inside.” I was intrigued.

I mean, I’d spent so long reading and researching this topic on the internet, It sounded simple, yet I could also hear his words ringing true. And then, he looked at me a little quizzically and asked… “How about you try it with me, Mark?” Following him with a little trepidation into the kitchen, Roberto started pulling things from his cupboards.

Strange packets of herbs, many in languages I didn’t recognize. Powder-filled jars labeled with photos of plants I’d never seen. Ingredients from “the old country,” he kept saying… And a few minutes later, Roberto was finished. Handing me a jar filled with a curious mix of powder, “This is for you, enough for a week.” “Just drink one scoop each night before bed,” I had a thousand questions running through my head,

But before I had the chance to ask anything… His phone rang, I could just make out the bubbly female voice on the line, And he told me he had to get going, Ushering me out the door with a shake of the hand, He looked into my eyes and said… “have a little faith.” I awkwardly agreed, But at this point, I was a little stunned,

Could this be it? The secret that turned Roberto into the kind of lover girls call on, at all hours of the day? I’d seen him in action, so I didn’t doubt he was doing something different than the rest of us… And from a guy who had been ordering penis pumps online… I figured a simple addition to my diet couldn’t hurt. That night I mixed a spoon of the powder into a glass of water, Drinking it down in a couple of quick gulps. For a week, nothing happened.

I was disappointed, saying the same to Roberto as I returned his now empty jar. He invited me in and we chatted while he mixed me another jar of his strange concoction. As he handed me the full jar, he told me to just continue taking it daily and to trust him.

I was disappointed, saying the same to Roberto as I returned his now empty jar. He invited me in and we chatted while he mixed me another jar of his strange concoction. As he handed me the full jar, he told me to just continue taking it daily and to trust him. After the second week, I don’t know…Did I feel a little brighter? It was like a screen was starting to lift in front of my eyes. I kept at it. And then one day, it hit me. Like a switch had been flicked somewhere deep inside of me. I’d just woken up, and my penis was rock hard. Unbelievably hard, and unlike most of my boners, this one just wouldn’t go down. Taking a cold shower didn’t help… so I warmed up the water and jerked off.

My erect penis started to feel thicker… and even a bit longer. It even looked bigger in the mirror. I couldn’t believe it. It was indeed a miracle. Forget magic pills, penis pumps, or any sort of scary surgery. What Roberto was giving me was transforming me into the man I always knew I could be. Like something had unlocked inside of me, and it was roaring to get out. With a shout, I raced to my friend’s apartment, And he could see in my eyes just how happy I was. “It’s starting to work, am I right?” With a smile, I thanked him for the new lease on life he had given me. Together in a quiet celebration, we drank rather heavily that evening. But as we spoke, the beginnings of a plan began to form. Thousands of men could benefit from this breakthrough alternative… and we simply had to share it. But there was, unfortunately, one major problem…

The ingredients…

According to Roberto, once they were combined, they lose potency quickly, Which was the reason why he only ever made me enough to last one week. “Any longer than that, and it’s no good…” He said with a slight frown. Unwilling to accept defeat so quickly, I convinced him to speak with an expert. We called a few labs the next morning and booked an appointment for the following week. But I had vastly underestimated just how challenging this process would be. With every minute spent at the lab, my enthusiasm faded. The lab couldn’t produce what we needed. The trouble was in the compounds. Once combined, they’d start a reaction and result in an incredibly short shelf-life. Nine days, according to the figures that they were furiously calculating. But Roberto was adamant. We needed to keep each of his ingredients for the recipe to work.

And just like that, we’d hit a wall.

There was no way to produce what we needed, with any reasonable shelf life. and adding insult to injury, we were slapped with the bill from the lab…


Distraught, Roberto and I returned home with our shared dreams shattered. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how this formula could change the lives of potentially millions of men around the world. I knew we were onto something BIG and I refused to give up. There simply had to be a way to solve the shelf life issue.

So, I started to spend every spare minute I had online…The next few weeks passed in a blur… but I finally found one of the world’s leading manufacturers of natural male enhancement supplements… I read through their entire online profile and I felt a spark of optimism. I called them just after 9am the next morning and I got an appointment for Friday, 3 days later. It took a bit of convincing, but I finally got Roberto to agree to come with me. That Friday, Roberto and I drove to the manufacturing facility. We were both impressed with the modern look of the building… and, once inside… it was a sight to behold.

We were met at reception by one of their senior scientists, Dr. Jones and he escorted as to his office. While we waited on coffee, Roberto took out a jar of his formula that freshly mixed that morning. He explained the ingredients and recipe in great detail and Dr. Jones took notes the entire time. I also showed him the report we got from the previous lab. After reading through it carefully, he picked up the phone and made a call. After a few minutes, a lady in a lab coat walked in and introduced herself as Dr. Williams. They discussed the lab report in great detail and often used healthcare terminology that I couldn’t understand. A while later, Dr. Williams picked up the jar and lab report and excused herself. “OK, gentlemen. I think we have everything we need. We will do the necessary tests and get back to you in a few days.”

We shook Dr. Jones’s hand and started our drive back home.

Four days past before I got the call.

It was Dr. Williams… and she had some good news! She told me that she found why the ingredients in Roberto’s formula started to deteriorate once it was mixed. It was because of the purity of the ingredients.

By sourcing the purest raw compounds, the shelf life can be increased to a year or even longer.

I was speechless!

She then went on to tell me that they can source all the ingredients in their purest form, directly from their approved suppliers…

but they had to order it in bulk, and it wasn’t cheap. She said the smallest order came to just over $15,000… and that didn’t include their research and manufacturing fees, which were another $8500.

“I’m sorry, how much?” She continued to explain… The higher expense was due to the higher cost of the pure ingredients… that had to be sourced from around the globe. The final formula will then also be encased in a special gel capsule… which will protect the active ingredients, so that they are released into the body gradually and at the right time… to ensure the best possible absorption into your bloodstream. I thanked her for everything she’d done so far and that I’d need to speak with Roberto.

But my mind was still reeling with the question… “Where are we going to get 23 Grand?” I took the elevator down to Roberto’s to give him the update. Nodding at everything, he said it should work. And while I was still hesitant, together we agreed we should at least try. I had to take out a credit card to pay my share to the lab for that first batch,

But neither of us imagined just how difficult developing a product could be. Every stage of the process seemed to create more delays.

The lab needed specialist equipment. Supplies would turn up late, weeks after they were due to be delivered. It took over 2 months, but they’d finally finished production, and shelf-life was no longer an issue. We had our product. One giant box was delivered to my apartment the following day, I was excited as I saw hundreds of bottles filled with our pills. But as Roberto and I looked with pride at what we’d just manufactured, There was only one question left…

Would it work? To find out we decided to do a little testing of our own, Printing a couple of flyers, we posted them at our gym… Asking if any guys were interested in trialing our new blend of super-nutrients. I was expecting one or two people to sign up,

But by the second day, we had 22 guys call us to join, and I knew we’d hit a nerve. Roberto and I decided we’d test the new product as well, Switching from his original powder recipe to the new and improved pills. Each guy got two bottles, or two month’s supply… Agreeing to take their pills daily… and to keep written journals of their experience for as long as they take it.

This was it.

This was the final test we needed to pass. The first two weeks were uneventful, But that was to be expected. I knew it took a little time to start working. And then, almost like clockwork, the results started to show. I started getting positive feedback, And by the end of the first month, my phone was blowing up with messages.

The guys were simply amazed at what was happening. One had started lifting weights again… After years lacking the energy to do anything more than a brisk walk on the treadmill. Another confessed to me, a little embarrassed but proud… That he’d finally broken the dry spell with his wife, one that had lasted almost half a decade. I even got a couple of “dick pics” as guys who had been having problems for years…

were now sporting normal erections, and they wanted to show off their natural glory. It was incredible. And I was feeling a similar effect too, Different from the original recipe, It felt like my blood was flowing stronger through my veins, and I was completely energized… fully awake, for the first time in years, with a craving for sex that I’ve not had since I was a horny teen.

It was working.

The floodgates in my body had been opened, and they were flushing out years of harm, neglect and poor choices… To re-activate my full potential as a man. I was alive again. We’d done it! The lab expenses, the challenges we’d had with the ingredients, The long hours and the stress. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! But we still needed a name, before we could start labeling and selling what we’d created. We brainstormed a few days and decided to brand this miracle-manhood-restoring formula…


A 100% natural way to get harder erections back for good.

And started selling it directly to our friends, family and all of the people we knew. But as the weeks passed, two new problems began to surface. Word of mouth was already getting out of hand, And we were starting to see more and more sales come in from all the referrals. The guys we’d given this to for the trial, Were blown away by the transformations they saw in themselves, And as they told more and more people about our product. Sales were through the roof, But our supplies were running dangerously low. We were quickly becoming victims of our success. Every guy from the trial wanted to re-order. Every referral they sent our way wanted to buy.

And before we knew it,

It was done.

We were sold out.

Orders were still flying in daily, and we had to put a hold on all shipments. One thing was clear – if we wanted to keep up with demand…we had to produce Erectin™ in much larger quantities. Since we were still paying off the first batch’s debt, we simply didn’t have the money or resources to make this happen. Our only option was to go back to Dr. Jones and show him proof of the incredible results men had while using the Erectin™ formula…and hope that we could partner with this leading manufacturer.

So, we made another appointment with Dr. Jones to discuss what we had in mind… and we also showed him the written journals from all of our test subjects.To say that he was impressed would be an understatement. He asked us if he could keep the journals to show to some of the other scientists…and told us that he would get back to us as soon as he could. In the meantime, our customers were going crazy. One guy even turned up at my house, pleading with me for “just one more bottle.” It was insane.

Because this isn’t just a product you can buy at the chemist. Or one you’ll find on a shelf full of generic supplements. This was manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility… building on a recipe Roberto has been refining his entire life… and included pure ingredients from around the planet. Dr. Jones phoned us a few days later…saying that they were prepared to partner with us and take over the production of Erectin™.

We couldn’t have hoped for better news! He went on to say that a human trial was also in the works and would start within the next few weeks…and that he would email us a report with the results once it was finalized. At that moment, it became clear that our idea to partner with this company was the best choice we could have made. They were the only company in the country that conducted actual human trials… and real results from a clinical trial would prove that it was indeed the game-changer we already knew it was. thanked Dr. Jones and hung up with a feeling of great relief.

We finally had a way to get Erectin™ into the hands of every man who desperately needed it. Our second shipment arrived three weeks later…and it sold out in 17 minutes! Guys who had gone without Erectin™ for weeks… were buying in bulk…Snapping up 6-month and 12-month supplies for themselves. Because they’d enjoyed it firsthand. They’d found what was “missing” in their life,And they never wanted to go without again. I couldn’t believe it. My main goal was always to get this product into the hands of as many men as possible. And I’ll explain how you can get Erectin™ for yourself in just a second, But before I do, I want to make one thing clear.

Every customer who buys from us enjoys complete and total protection. We offer a risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee. You get a full 67-days to test and try Erectin™ for yourself… and if you’re not satisfied, all I ask is you send me the bottles back. Yep, even if you’ve opened them, just send back everything you have left. And I’ll give you a full refund, minus shipping. It is your chance to try Erectin™ completely risk-free. Your chance to see the results for yourself, With a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

I’ve heard people call this offer crazy, But you know what? I can afford to stand behind this product, because I’ve seen it work. And our refund rate is incredibly low. It’s almost at zero. Because no guy who tries this product and sees the results in himself… ever wants to go back to the way things were before.

And to put your mind at ease, we have the testimonials to prove it:

I have been taking Erectin™ for 3 months now. I am very satisfied with the results so far. My erections are firmer, stronger and my ejaculation is powerful to say the least!

My sexual appetite has increased tremendously. Also my sexual responsiveness is impressive… all I have to do is think about having sex with my wife and I have a man reaction’… also known as an erection!

Joao Pereira, Connecticut

I found an increase in sexual feelings and prolonged climax… I feel hornier than a teenager!

Richard Mahon, New York, NY

I have been using Erectin™ for only a couple of weeks but have already seen gains after just a couple of days. At first my girlfriend was mad and said I didn’t need this but she is NOT complaining now!

David Nuzzi, Connecticut

These testimonials aren’t even a drop in the ocean of all the positive responses we’ve had. And every day, more messages like these come in. Thanking Roberto and me…for giving them their manhood back. For re-awakening their enthusiasm for life. For turning them into actual beasts in the bedroom. It’s incredible to think…what started as a simple recipe that one fateful day… has now had such a profound impact on so many men. If you’ve been struggling with a low sex drive, suffering from weak and pathetic climaxes… or offering your woman anything but a porn-star performance in the bedroom… Erectin™ is your chance to bring your failing manhood back to life. If you long to bounce back with the enthusiasm of a horny teen… with an insatiable kind of ferocity in the bedroom, as you give her the fucking of her life. At this stage, you might be wondering if Erectin™ will work for you… and the answer is – YES

How will I know it’s working?

I mentioned earlier it does take a little time as your body adjusts to the “new normal,” But in general, most guys start seeing results in the first few weeks. The first sign is harder morning wood, at an intensity more like you had in your teens.

Are there any downsides?


Unlike many of the chemical-packed products prescribed for a failing manhood…

Erectin™ has been tested on REAL MEN for 84 days straight! The clinical study that Dr. Jones and his team conducted… proved that Erectin™ gives most men over 30 a better, more satisfying sexual experience… as well as a better overall sex drive and satisfaction in the bedroom for these men and their partners. And best of all… they reported better and longer-lasting erections.

The natural ingredients inside Erectin™ are incredibly supportive of a healthy system. They’re simply everything your body is craving, if you want to start performing at your peak. What if I become too manly?It surprised me when this question kept cropping up, As it seemed quite a few customers were concerned about becoming too strong, Worried their partners wouldn’t be able to keep up, after dialing their manhood to the max. Or turning into some kind of “sexual deviant” intent on fucking anything that moves.

So let me make this clear,

You will feel more like a man, yes.

You will be hornier.

That’s true too.

But all you’re really doing, is trying to become who you were always meant to be. Aiming to unlock your full potential. What you do with it, well I leave that one up to you. Are the results permanent? Now remember, Erectin™ is a supplement. That means it’s best compared to a special kind of fuel, Helping the engine inside your body to start performing at its peak. The results you achieve won’t fade as soon as you stop taking it, Because once you’ve got your engine running again, it will continue to do so for some time. But the most significant benefit does come from taking Erectin™ regularly. Many of our customers have been re-ordering ever since they first discovered our product, To ensure they continue to enjoy the incredible results.

How does shipping work? If you order 3 or more bottles of Erectin™, we offer FREE shipping globally. Once your order is received, we’ll ship it out to you direct from our distribution center. It’s generally within 24 to 48 hours, And then the shipping time will depend on where you are in the world. Delivery in the United States ranges from 4 to 5 days, While it can take 10 to 15 working days to the rest of the world.

Will anyone know what I’m buying? Of course not. We’ve taken steps to ensure the entirety of our packaging is completely discreet… and there is no information ever printed, to raise even the slightest second glance. When you buy Erectin™ from us, your privacy is of utmost importance. How can I be sure this is all legit? To give you complete confidence in our products…we cover every customer with a no-risk, zero-hassle, money-back guarantee, Within the first 67 days. Even if you’ve opened it up, and tried Erectin™… if you’re not completely and utterly satisfied, we will give you a full refund, minus shipping.

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