Groundbreaking Clinical Study Tested the Erectin Polyherbal Formula on Men with Erectile Difficulties

A recent clinical trial took place involving 78 men with mild to moderate erectile difficulties.

We wanted to see if the proprietary polyherbal formula in Erectin could help these men produce harder erections for better sex.

The results will blow your mind.

These results have been documented in the prestigious Journal of Urology, the official journal of the American Urological Association, and published in full detail in the peer-reviewed scholarly journal, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Group of Men

And you’re about to see every detail…

It was a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-control randomized clinical study.

Double-blind means the participants and the researchers didn’t know who received a placebo or who received the Erectin formula.

To be clear, this study included 78 men suffering from mild to moderate erectile difficulties. These men were between the ages of 25 to 50 who didn’t have any medical conditions to cause their poor erection quality.

The group was split in half.

One half received a placebo and the other half received our cutting edge formula.

The Conclusion: Higher Sex Drive, Better Penetration, Harder Erections and More Satisfying Sex

The men who took the Erectin formula were having better sex and a lot more of it, too.

But before you see the amazing details, you should know this:

Almost all of the men who took our polyherbal formula saw their confidence to get and maintain an erection shoot through the roof.

Can you imagine?

Before the study, these men were having trouble maintaining an erection for satisfying intercourse. But now, thanks to Erectin, they have confidence in their ability to perform. Isn’t that amazing?

But that’s not all.

You’re about to see exactly how this cutting-edge formula helped these men.

Here Are the Specifics

By the end of the 12-weeks, the researchers gathered and analyzed all the data.

The researchers were blown away.

Many of the men who took the Erectin formula experienced improvements in:

  • Maintaining an erection.
  • Penetrating their partner.
  • Intercourse pleasure.
  • Level of sex drive.
  • Quality of orgasms.
  • Overall sexual satisfaction.

That’s why the Erectin formula is an all-natural breakthrough for men’s sexual health. Best of all, no side-effects were attributed to the formula.

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