Discover 3 of Erectin’s Formulation Advances In the Science of Supplement Delivery

Erectin™ is equipped with three of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in the science of supplement delivery.

These cutting edge technologies drastically enhance the sexual improving benefits of the Erectin formula.

To better understand how Erectin’s advanced multi-delivery system can benefit you, continue reading below.

Advancement #1

Advanced “EC” Absorption Technology Helps
Protect from Destructive Stomach Enzymes

Once you swallow a pill, it goes directly into your stomach.

From there, the absorption process begins.

But first, you must understand your stomach is a hostile and acidic place. The pill you just swallowed immediately comes under attack by enzymes that can dissolve important nutrients.

In fact, most supplements without “EC” technology have their nutritional value severely degraded by stomach acids and destructive enzymes.

The “EC” stands for Enteric Coating.

This special coating acts as a sacrificial shield so that the nutrients in Erectin’s formula don’t get destroyed and have a better chance of passing through your intestinal wall.

Just thinking of the Enteric Coating as a Trojan Horse that fools the stomach acids, allowing Erectin’s polyherbal formula to have a better chance of being fully absorbed.

Advancement #2

Fast-Acting Liquid Gel Cap for Rapid Results

It’s proven that liquid gel caps dissolve much faster than hard tablets.

That’s why we put Erectin’s powerful formula inside rapid-releasing liquid gel caps.

This gel cap dissolves rapidly, allowing the Enteric Coating to protect the prized sex-fueling formula.

Some studies even show that liquid gel caps dissolve up to five times faster than tablets.

Advancement #3

World-Renowned BioAvailability Booster For Enhanced Sexual Benefits

Erectin’s formula includes Bioperine.

Bioperine is like a “turbo-charger” for supplements because it helps enhance nutritional absorption. And better absorptions means greater results.

No sexual enhancing formula is complete without BioPerine.

We used Bioperine because it’s patented, which indicates quality and consistency.

Bioperine has seven patents around the world for its bioavailability-enhancing properties.

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